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This savage site will guide you about knowing what school and its education can obviously be like as of now in 2017 Deez Nuts. Also, Savage 9000 himself will help anyone no doubt over 9000 forsure.

Why Pancho Is Savage 9000

                       In the early struggles of 2016, A over nine thousand miracle spoke to Pancho that be a savage which means he had no obviuosly other choice to be this real savage nevertheless. School wasn’t teaching Pancho anything so technology came to his aid for true answers than textbook non sense. Any teacher who tells Savage that internet doesn’t provide no purpose then he’ll say ” I can use whatever is necessary for finding facts than reading over 9000 pages in books.”

Gallery 9000

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Advice/Tips For Anything 9000

  • Always be prepared no matter what happens even when homework is due or obviously not.

  • Never become a sitting Daffy/Donald Dumb Duck during lectures including etc nevertheless.

  • Use the internet incase those disorganized textbooks don’t have more facts/info with details

  • Ask any savages or teachers or any friends for extra help incase of concerns for what needs to be done.

  • Don’t give answers to no one unless they have this fact right with reason and write carefully from what sources you get info on websites.

  • ” Go Big Or Go Home Over 9000 “

  • Get As Much Opportunity As Needed

  • Be Yourself Or Be Serious 9000

  • Don’t Mind The Hyena Haters Who Are Irrelevant Bananas

  • Spoiler Alert: If You’re A Senior Then You’re Screwed Over 9000 Badly

  • Bring Your Munchies And Never Spend Money On School Items


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